How do we work?

GetAway Essentials is the essential resource for vacationers. We provide a convenient and affordable web-based tool to schedule and deliver linen rentals, baby items, and beach gear directly to your vacation rental door. Our products are in new condition and thoroughly cleaned after each use, with no minimum order required. With GetAway Essentials you can enjoy luxuries like crisp linens during your stay without having to lug around bulky items - all conveniently delivered right when you need them! Moreover, guests are able to wash linens while away if desired following the care instructions available with each item. If any rental items are not returned or damaged during use, additional fees may be charged based on extent of damages. At GetAway Essentials we strive to make vacations more enjoyable by removing tedious tasks from the packing process so that travelers can focus on the joy of their journey. We’re committed to offering excellence in service while helping guests create unforgettable experiences they won't soon forget.


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver throughout New Hampshire and soon expanding to Maine and Massachusetts! So, keep an eye out for us in your area!


How soon in advance should I place an order?

It's always best to order as early as possible! Just so you know, our date selector sometimes sets the delivery date three days out. But no worries, if you've got a last-minute order, give us a call at [603] 674-4985. We've got you covered.


Do you deliver to hotels?

Absolutely! We'll deliver wherever you're staying. Just enter your hotel address as the shipping address during checkout. If your room is reserved under a different name, don't worry - simply let us know the details in the "special instructions" or "notes" section. With us, you can just relax and focus on enjoying your trip.


What is the cleaning process for your rental items?

Our priority is cleanliness! After every use, all of our equipment undergoes a thorough process. Our crib linens are treated with hypoallergenic laundry detergent, while our beach and baby gear is vacuumed, scrubbed, rinsed, disinfected, dried, and everything in between. Linens and towels are professionally laundered by a commercial laundry service.


How new are your rental items?

You'll be happy to know that all our rental items come brand new, straight from the manufacturer! And we're proud to say, if we notice any wear and tear, we swap it right out to keep things in tip-top shape.


Is the checkout process secure?

Certainly! You can shop with confidence, knowing that our shopping cart is secure. We use Shopify's cutting-edge shopping cart feature, which includes an SSL certificate safeguarding your information with the highest level of industry-standard 256-bit encryption technology, the same level used by large banks.


Is it possible for me to pay for my order over the phone?

Sure thing! To place your order and make a payment with a credit card over the phone, give us a ring at 603.674.4985 and we'll take care of the rest.


What happens If I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your order after shipment, don't worry! Even though we can't guarantee a refund, we are happy to work with you to find the best solution. Just give us a call at [603] 674-4985. Also, please note that we don't issue credits for unused items or any early returns.


Is there a minimum order requirement?

Absolutely not! You don't have to place a minimum order with us - buy as much or as little as you need!


When are deliveries and pick-ups scheduled?

We deliver items to your vacation rental's doorstep on the day you check in (usually much earlier than the promised 5:00 pm). And on the day you check out, just set out all the items outside the rental home by 10:00 am for pick up. Your delivery package contains pick-up instructions so you don't have to worry about a thing.


Do I need to be present for deliveries?

We get this question a lot – guests don't have to be present at the delivery point during delivery. If you're not around, no worries. We'll just leave those fresh linens, fluffy towels or other items in a suitable spot – usually at the front door or, if not feasible, in a nearby area with good cover from any unruly weather. Just verify the items once you receive them to ensure everything you need is there!


Can I wash items while on vacation?

Absolutely! You can wash our linens and towels while you’re on vacation. Just make sure to follow the care instructions on the labels to keep them in top condition. One quick tip is to wash white garments separately from colors to avoid discoloration. However, if any of our items are damaged or discolored during your stay, we'll have to charge for their replacement. Also, please note that we recommend avoiding chlorine bleach, but CLOROX 2 is a great alternative to keep our linens and towels spotless.


What happens if I accidentally damage something or forget to return a rental item?

Before you check out of your property, we kindly ask you to put all rented items in the delivery bag and place it OUTSIDE for us. Sorry to say, but we don't have access to the inside of the rental property, and we want to avoid making a return trip to retrieve the rental items.

Please keep in mind that we need all the items returned, regardless of whether you used them or not. Unfortunately, we  don't issue refunds for unused items. If any rented item is missing, permanently stained or damaged when we receive it, additional fees will be charged based on the extent of the damages.


What do I need to do before I leave my rental property on the day of checkout?

As your stay comes to an end and it's time to pack up, it's important to take a moment and go over everything. Carefully examine the rental property to ensure that all the items delivered to you are accounted for, even the small ones that tend to disappear, like pillowcases.

If you rented any beach gear, be sure to remove all sand, sunscreen, and debris from it and let everything dry before returning it. Once everything is cleaned up and organized, pack it up in the delivery box(es)/bag(s) and place them exactly where your order was dropped off.

Don't forget - it's crucial to have everything OUTSIDE and ready for pickup by 10:00 am. Any items not properly returned by that time will result in an additional $50 return trip fee. So, please make sure everything is wrapped up tight so you can check out and hit the road with peace of mind!


If it's pouring on checkout day, do I still leave my rental items outside?

Definitely! Don't let the rain stop you from putting everything OUTSIDE. Just make sure to protect the items from the weather by putting them under cover, like an overhang or something similar. It would really help us out!


Do I have to wash the linens and towels before I return them?

You don't have to worry about washing or folding any towels or linens before returning them to us. Just neatly place everything back in the same delivery box(es)/bag(s) and leave them where your order was dropped off. We'll take care of the rest!